Product development

We have an ongoing focus on product development to make sure we always offer our customers an interesting and contemporary product range.


We develop the green concept by always testing new species or varieties/cultivars. As far as Peperomia is concerned, this can involve collections or mutants. However, a new Perperomia in the product range can also be one that was produced at the nursery many years ago but did not fit the trend at the time. It is being now reintroduced because it matches our modern times.


The series of Pelargonium grandiflorum ‘Tip Top’ has been developed through breeding. Together with biologist Dorte Nissen we have developed new products through selection and hybridisation since 1994. This has enabled us to offer a broad and interesting product range with colours spanning from white, light and dark pink, red and purple through to Bordeaux-red.

In addition to our two main products, Peperomia and Pelargonium, we constantly test other products that could form part of our Green Interior concept. Our latest offers to our customers include Homalomena for InDoor, and Chocolate Cosmos, Garden Cosmos, Petunia ‘Pretty Much Picasso’ and Cleome for OutDoor.




Boutique Concept
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