Tingdal Nursery’s history began in 1969 when Otto Christensen started his production in 2,700 m2 greenhouses. He had Peperomia in his greenhouses from the very beginning.


The first couple of years he focused on Peperomia glabella. They were produced in 9 cm clay pots and the majority was sold to the company Edelman in the Netherlands.

The first couple of years he tested other genera along with Peperomia glabella, but Peperomia became the favourite, probably because this particular genus had caught Otto’s interest.

Over the next few years more and more species and varieties were added and the customers became able to choose from a wide range of Peperomia with widely differing appearances.


If this is possible today, it is thanks to our employees, colleagues, DEG’s consultants and staff in the export companies. Many of them have been keen to bring interesting species and varieties of Peperomia home from their trips abroad. Many botanical gardens have also been very cooperative when they had something to offer that we did not yet have.


Over the years, hundreds of species and varieties have been tested at the nursery, and we constantly work hard to find new Peperomia varieties that are suitable as ornamental plants. Right now we produce more than 20 different varieties.

Until 1993, the production exclusively consisted of Peperomia. In 1993, we began producing another interesting niche cultivar: Pelargonium grandiflorum hybrid ‘Tip Top’.

Over the years, the production area slowly increased from 2,700 m2 to 8,500 m2. In 1995 we completed a smooth generational change from father to son.

In 2002, we bought a neighbouring property, which increased the area to the current 22,000 m2.



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